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Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Amy/Sheldon
Disclaimer: I don't own TBBT, I really wish I would
Rating: NC-17
For the BBT Kink Meme

It was another of the girls nights, Amy never had those experiences as a teenager so Penny and Bernadette decided to host it at least once a week in their respective places, to make Amy feel welcomed into their group.

Penny's apartment was filled with the conversations between the three friends, they have gone through mani/pedi (Amy first thought they were going to seduce underaged boys but the girls patiently explained her about the beauty treatment), Cosmopolitan magazine latest tests, a couple of movies (Bridget Jones and Love Actually).

One thing that neither Bernadette nor Amy had ever done before was the makeover session, Penny had to explain them about it: girlfriends getting together, doing make-up, hairdos, finding the perfect clothing and accessories, etc

The objective according to the wannabe actress was to "look hot".

Of course, the first victim was Amy (Penny was too attractive and Bernadette didn't need too much help).

They started with getting her into a shower with a razor (another 15 minutes were spent explaining and almost FORCING Amy to shave) and some of Penny's Kerastase shampoo (it was worth using as long as Amy's hair stopped being a dull helmet over her hair).

While Amy showered, both Penny and Bernadette were pulling out everything they needed: curlers, tweezers, moisturizers, make-up, some clothes for her to try on, heels, etc.

Once the neurobiologist was out of the bathroom the girls set up to give her a facial treatment, followed by the shaping of her eyebrows (Bernadette had to sit on Amy's chest to allow Penny to do it) and the curlers on her hair, to give it some ringlets and volume.

Then the make-up session came, Amy was terrified because she said that she didn't want to look like a clown, Penny said that she was not going to overdo it, just some simple touches here and there.

Finally, Amy tried on several outfits, till they found a purple v-neck dress that suited her perfectly, Bernadette convinced her to wear high gladiator sandals.

The results were unbelievable, instead of her usual mousy look, Amy actually looked sexy and quite confident, a woman in her own right.

The girls proceeded to do the same to the two remaining partners but they all agreed that the best makeover was for Amy and tried to convince her that with some effort she could look very good and get dates if she wanted.

As a final touch for the night, Penny proposed a Truth or Dare game, once the rules were explained, they set up to play.

Penny went first, chose Dare and Amy said that she had to kiss Bernadette, the two waitresses shrugged and kiss each other, then Bernadette chose Truth and they asked her about her relationship with Howard.

Finally, it was Amy's turn, she feel emboldened by the makeover and chose Dare, Penny said:

Today's Anything Can Happen Thursday, the boys are out trying to pick up women in bars and Sheldon is home alone

oh, am I supposed to try to elicit an adrenaline induced reflex by trying to spook him?

No honey, you're gonna SEDUCE Sheldon

Any froze and Penny had a very devilish expression in her face

if you're scared, then it's no problem Amy, you can always choose truth

No, I am not scared, I'm just not sure that's under our friendship paradigm if I try to initiate coitus with him

Bernadette spoke Amy, you look really beautiful, isn't this an opportunity to feel like a real woman for once? Sheldon is the closest thing you have to a boyfriend and you should go there, flirt with him and don't allow this to go to waste

Amy sighed and then said what if he rejects me?, Penny answered her: sweetie, he won't, no man would be able to resist you tonight

With both her friends encouragements, Amy walked out of Penny's apartment to face Sheldon and do something that could forever alter their status as "boy and girl who are friends".

Once the door closed, Bernadette said Penny, are you sure this is a good idea? I went along with you but dunno how would she feels when Sheldon says no to her.

What you don't know is that Sheldon came to me a couple of days ago, asking about the mechanics of sex and how to approach a woman to have it

OMG, so Sheldon does have a deal, wonder what my darling Howard-pooh would say about it

No offense Bernadette, but anything relating sex and Howard is a total turn-off

In the meanwhile, Amy was rooted to the spot just in front of the boys' apartment door, she wasn't feeling so sure any longer about this, Sheldon was her closest male acquaintance, one of the few people who understood her without judgement.

But a small primitive fraction on the back of her mind would like to see Sheldon's reaction at her outfit, to see if she got out any reaction out of him, to see if behind that comic book loving physic obsessed fa├žade was a man who wanted coitus just as much as she did at the Zach time.

Gathering all her courage, Amy took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Sheldon was surprised when he heard the knock, as far as he knew, Leonard, Raj and Wolowitz were coming much later that night once their pathetic efforts at coitus were deterred by any female with some common sense and dignity.

He opened the door and received the shock of a lifetime.

There was Amy Farrah Fowler, but this wasn't the girl he met at the coffee shop.

No, this was another Amy; a Cylon Amy, perhaps?

He was too shocked to speak but the ice was broken when she said Hello Sheldon, mind if I go in?

The small part of Sheldon's brain that wasn't shut down and his southern manners kicked in and he allowed her to go inside of his apartment.

Since he was old enough to read (at the age of 2) he had never gotten a brain freeze like this, it was the first time since he could remember that his mind was in a blank state, all he could think about was that purple looked great with her skin color and that the v-neck did wonders for her figure (since when did he think about a woman's physique? was he turning into Wolowitz all of a sudden because his girlfriend showed some skin?)

Sheldon felt nervous for some reason, this wasn't the first time the two of them were alone but for the first time since they met, he knew that they were a male and a female in the peak of their reproductive cycles.

He didn't know if the thought excited or sickened him, maybe both things at once.

Amy observed Sheldon and saw his restlessness and mistook it for dislike, maybe this wasn't such a good idea? still, she decided to carry on with her bet, like Bernadette says, she didn't want to let all the work go to waste

So Sheldon, had anyone told you that your eyes have a perfect wavelength of 563.4 nm?

He looked completely dumbstruck by that I beg your pardon? My eyes?

Yeah, your eyes reflect the blue light quite nicely and your smile is warmer than hydrogen plasma

Sheldon looked flushed and bewildered Amy, what are you trying to do?

Amy took a deep breath and thought (here we go, this is what you have to do)

well, I want to have coitus with you, I'm attracted to you like the Earth is attracted to the Sun-with a large force inversely proportional to the distance squared

His jaw dropped and he couldn't meet her eyes.

For the first time in many years (another first again? what was going on!!) Sheldon found himself speechless.

Amy took his silence as pure revulsion and decided to leave, no point in forcing him to do something he didn't want to do.(That didn't mean it didn't hurt her, all the things the girls have done to help her and she still wasn't appealing)

She was opening the door when suddenly Sheldon unfreezed and ran to her, closing it with his hand, grabbing her waist with the other.

you can't go (oh yes, the great mind of Sheldon Cooper has been reverted to single sentences, he should start speaking Caveman for all the good it was doing)

To say that Amy was shocked, would be the understatement of the century.

She felt that big hand encircling her waist and looked up to his face.

Sheldon's eyes were almost black with just a ribbon of blue around the edges, his cheeks were flushed and he was breathing erratically.

(Standard symptoms of arousal, oh boy, so he wasn't as repulsed as I thought he was)

In a stroke of pure feminine boldness, Amy decided to toy with him a bit.

Why can't I leave, Sheldon? you don't want to partake in coitus with me, maybe I should go to a bar and find myself a male who would.
After all, I'm 130 lb of estrogen just minutes from exploding in a sea of pheromones

The thought of her having coitus with other males irrationally angered Sheldon and he grabbed her with both his hands, effectively stopping her from leaving his apartment.

(Sweet Spock what was wrong with him? was he going to urinate around her to mark his territory? was he going to fight other males for his "prize")

In that moment Sheldon was a prisoner of his most primitive urges and looking down at her smirking expression he couldn't help himself.

He kissed Amy.

Neither one had experience on the field and of course it lead to some teeth clinking and drool but all in all they were both enjoying themselves a lot, this was something those beautiful minds had never thought about before and giving this to each other was something both cherished a lot.

For the first time in their lives they were allowing their instincts to lead the way.

When their tongues touched, it was as if an electrical current was passing through them, every nerve ending was on fire, the heat was undeniable.

Amy was feeling very aroused and she could feel Sheldon's erection pressing insistently against her.

They broke the kiss breathing heavily.

I think it's better if we move this to my room

I agree, after all this is gonna be happening in an horizontal setting, at least for the first time

(Sheldon briefly looked at his door, making quick calculations about the force he'd have to use to be able to hold her against it while they had coitus)

Amy grabbed his hand and he came back to Earth, leading her to his bedroom.

Once they went inside, Sheldon locked the door and looked at a flushed (and delightfully looking) Amy.

Since neither one had done it before, they were both nervous but excited about it.

They started to kiss again, now it was even more passionate than before but they knew it was still a long way to go until they really learned how to do it properly, that was something that only experience can teach.

Sheldon started moving his hands with wonder across her body, touching her back, her shoulders, her hips, feeling supple flesh giving way to his ministrations.

Amy wasn't idle either and started to caress the back of his neck, finding hot skin and lowered them to his broad shoulders, to have something to hold onto while he caressed her.

He lowered them both into his bed, still kissing madly, they were stopping just to have some small puffs of air between their mouths (and learning that the human race had a nose for a reason).

They both knew this was a defining moment in their lives and once their took the next step nothing would be ever the same.

The smell of pheromones was high on the air, both were flushed and sweaty even if a single piece of clothing was yet to come from their bodies.

Amy took the first step, breaking the kiss and trying to take off his upper shirt, which became entangled on his body, they had to wrestle a bit to be able to finally throw it away.

Both sat down and took off their socks (in his case) and shoes, then they went back to their previous position, touching more than ever.

Sheldon grew bold and started running a hand up her knee, she felt her breath caught a bit with the feeling, his eyes never left her face while he did that.

Things were getting serious and he started to look for a way to take off her dress while she tried to get his thermal undershirt off him.

Both sets of hands were on the way of each other, it was as if they were not trying to get naked and it was really frustrating!!

Finally, Amy took charge and grabbed his hands

first your shirt, then my dress

He was just too horny to protest and quickly got the bright orange undershirt over his head, now he was naked from the waist up and was looking at her with a feverish expression.

Her hands started to explore his chest, Sheldon was actually more muscular than his clothing implied, he was no gym bunny but his body was sinewy and long, all angles and hardness; when she touched his nipples he moaned softly, her brand new manicured nails scratching it, softly at first and then more harshly as his moans intensified in frequency and volume.

Sheldon wanted to do some exploration of his own and started to tug her dress up impatiently, Amy chuckled and turned around, asking him to lower down the zip on her back.

The sound of zip over fabric was almost deafening for both of them, Sheldon was discovering the smooth expanse of her back, freckles that were made for licking and a creamy skin that made his throat go dry.

Amy stood up and the dress pooled down at her feet, now she was only wearing her underwear.

Sheldon grabbed her shoulders softly and made her turn around, a sight to behold to him.

They sit on the bed, kissing again while he fumbled with the clasp of her bra for about 5 minutes, the frustration was growing inside of Sheldon's brain (it is just a simple hook and eye mechanism, Sheldon!! you learned to undo those at the age of 3!!) and he was seriously considering how much force would it take to rip it apart from her.

Amy chuckled softly, reaching back and undoing the clasp herself.

Being friends with Wolowitz meant that breasts were thrown at oneself whether they liked it or not, but Sheldon was completely taken aback once the bra was removed from her body.

He tentatively reached to touch the globes, his hands were large enough to take each one individually and he squeezed experimentally.

She had never had those in the hands of anyone that wasn't a medical professional and the difference between a cold latex clad touch and the warm hands of a potential mate was astounding, she never knew she was sensitive there.

Sheldon started to caress her nipples, starting with feather-like touches till he started to pull, she yelped a bit and he knew he should not use as much force from then on.

Amy's hands started to work on his belt, which was removed much faster than her bra ever did along with his plaid pants.

Now they were both in just panties and briefs, only one barrier remained between them and a sexually active life.

There was a moment of pause, they stopped kissing and looked at each other's eyes.

They were horizontal once again, Sheldon was laying on top of her, being careful to avoid crushing her.

Without removing his eyes from hers, he dragged a hand down her stomach to the edge of her panties, she could feel the warmth of it as if he was a hot bottle burning through her skin.

May I?

Amy nodded her consent and his hand went inside, caressing shallowly at first, gauging her reactions to his touch.

She couldn't stay still, his fingers were doing some really wonderful things to her.

His hand was so large it was only so much he could reach with her panties still on.

I think I might need to remove your privates, Amy

Once again, she nodded her consent and Sheldon proceeded to drag them down her long legs.

Now Amy was completely naked and at his mercy, the ringlets of hair framing her face like a halo against his Flash sheets.

Now he could touch at will, separating her labia and stroking her clit, then putting some pressure on it, she was making the most beautiful noises while he made himself acquainted with her vagina.

Those noises caused his erection to twitch painfully inside of his briefs and he decided to remove them as well.

She was familiar with the male anatomy but watching one penis THAT big up close and personal was both frightening and arousing.

Sheldon set himself on top of her, the first time their bodies were touching everywhere, both soaked on the sensation of being skin on skin.

Her hands were softly stroking the lower part of his back, his body was so hot it was almost as if he was feverish; she couldn't help herself and grabbed a handful of his gluteus maximus, making him buck against her.

Now the need to go inside of her was overpowering, he coaxed her legs open with his hands and settled there, his erection brushing her opening.

At first, Sheldon didn't know where he could penetrate her, so he had to move several times against her and after several failed attempts he was finally able to get a couple of inches inside of Amy.

The sensation was blinding, her warm and wet walls were clutching him so tightly, her hands hadn't left his ass cheeks and were massaging him roughly now.

Are you ready? I'm about to go through your hymen

Amy looked a bit scared but nodded and braced herself for the pain.

Sheldon moved his hips forward, took her virginity and stilled inside of her.

The sensation was uncomfortable but she imagined it was going to be worse, it was just a small tearing and some burning and stretching around his penis.

After a few moments, Amy clutched his ass and nodded, he started to thrust in and out of her, slowly at first, faster as her hands tightened on his gluteus demanding more and more.

Sometimes Sheldon would thrust so fast, he'd lose rhythm and accidentally pulled outside of her, to avoid that, he started to make shorter, harder thrusts and pulled one of her legs around his shoulder.

With the change of position, Amy felt him so deep inside of her, he was hitting her cervix with each movement of his hips.

They were virgins and were too aroused to last long, Sheldon felt his orgasm coming close and reached down to touch her clit, a couple of rubs, some pressure and Amy was coming, screaming his name in a hoarse voice.

Once Sheldon felt her walls pulsing and tightening around him, he lost control and with one last thrust he came harder than he had ever done in his life.



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