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The Coitus Conundrum 1/1

Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Amy/Sheldon
Disclaimer: I don't own TBBT, I really wish I would
Rating: R/NC-17
For the Porn Battle XI, prompt: experiment

(Spoilers from S04 E10 "The Alien Parasite Hypothesis")

Amy was confused about the psychological manifestations that have occurred after meeting one of Penny's former sexual partners, she had never felt anything like that towards any male of her acquaintance.

She started monitoring her vital signs to figure out if there was anything wrong with her health and if so, then take the concurrent actions to determine the illness and hopefully find a cure that would get her back to her normal state.

Sheldon found out about it in one of their lunches, when they were discussing the possibilities of having his body donated to science while she dissected a brain. Of course he wanted to help her and started charting and using his science and math knowledge to find out what was wrong, sadly he didn't understand much of it, specially her "hoo" moment

"Penny's friend Zach stopped by and said "Hello," and I said, "Hoo!"
"Then why did you ask?"
"Ask what?"
"All right, let's start over. What did you say when Zach walked in?"
Amy: Why do you keep saying Zach?*
Sheldon: Because you keep saying "Who!"
Amy: I'm not saying "hoo" now. I said "hoo" last night.
Sheldon: And the answer was Zach, correct?
Amy: There was no question; I simply said "hoo!"
Sheldon: [Pause] All right, I think I have enough to go on.

Her hormones were getting crazed all day long, thankfully Sheldon came to the best possible solution to her issue and determined she needed to get Zach out of her system one way or another.

That's why she went to the bar, almost collapsing into a puddle of 130 lb of estrogen once Zach shook her hand but one look at his dead-like eyes gave her the strength to walk away.

Amy exited the bar, her hormones were still going crazy and she felt dizzy but thankfully Sheldon was by her side, he had allowed her to do it despite his earlier jealousy (the Sashimi comment was too petty for someone of Sheldon’s mental level).

In one insane moment, she decided to grab his hand to make an experiment, to see if she felt the same sexual arousal she felt with Zach, Sheldon looked at her weirdly and she let go of his hand as if she was burned, justifying herself with an “experiment”

He was a gentleman as always and even if he didn’t have a car, he insisted on walking her to her apartment, which was the last thing she wanted because it seemed like the Zach situation had awakened her sexuality in all levels.

Sheldon was smart, tall, with beautiful eyes and hands, an ideal mate for her and her overzealous body was screaming at her to claim him and claim him NOW.

They came to her apartment door and for the first time since they met the other, there was an awkward silence and neither one knew what to say, in a moment, Amy went to kiss Sheldon’s cheek to thank him for his help in her quest.

Next thing she knew they were kissing IN THE MOUTH, and it was THEY, Sheldon didn’t hesitate in kissing her back, not even for a minute and was pinning her to her door, the throbbing in her genitalia was reaching a high all time level and she couldn’t remember why did she have to breath, was it a necessary biological process?

Finally, the need for oxygen won and they broke the kiss, Amy looked and saw him as a man for the first time, with his mussed hair, darkened eyes and flushed cheeks; Sheldon was experiencing the same biological urges she had been after meeting Zach and that knowledge made her feel beautiful for the first time in her life.

He looked confused and a bit scared “What are we doing, Amy? I thought we both were over these kinds of disgusting reproductive urges of the lesser apes”

Amy had to bit back a smirk and said: “Think of it as an experiment, Dr Cooper, we both have to know what goes on the reproductive cycle, we have to do it for the sake of knowledge, it is impossible for two great minds such as ours to be ignorant even about the smaller and baser things present in the lives of the human race”

Sheldon seemed to be torn between throwing her to the couch or leaving for the sanctuary of his own bedroom but Amy’s argument convinced his brain of following her “experiment” (his body had said yes since their tongues entangled messily)

where do you think we should proceed, Amy Farrah Fowler? The couch or the most used setting for intercourse, the bedroom?

I think the bedroom will suffice, after all we want to recreate the conditions of the usual homo sapiens coitus with as much resemblance as possible due to our natures, right?

We have to be responsible and protect ourselves, if I impregnate you this evening, it’d be a unwanted consequence of our experiment, I don’t carry prophylactics in my person at the moment, should I go and buy some?

I’ve been taking the anticonceptive pill since I got my secondary sexual characteristics, so you don’t have to worry about a possible reproduction between you and me, at least not now and not this way

They have agreed to take this on like a “rogue” experiment, without taking note of the variables but only getting to know their feelings about the act of intercourse and after it was done then they would be able to discuss it the way both wanted.

She grabbed him by the hand (the usual way Homo sapiens females attract the males to their lair) and took him to her bedroom.

The kissing began again, softly at first and more passionately then and when their tongues started to do an ancient dance, Sheldon grabbed her waist and lifted her up, so she ended up wrapping her legs around his hips, liking the way his weight pinned her to her bedroom door, the hormonal rush was phenomenal, she felt like she could fly at that moment and her body was presenting the standard symptoms of arousal, especially in her nether regions, by the looks of it, Sheldon was having the same feelings (and yes, seems like tall males have EVERYTHING in proportion).

Next thing Amy knew, they were both divesting the other from their clothing, Sheldon’s jacket and upper shirt were already gone, her glasses were off and her purple jacket was also in the floor; they never stopped kissing, just getting small puffs of air between their mouths, making sounds while they had open mouthed kisses, he pulled her lower lip between his lips and she almost orgasmed at the sensation.

Sheldon moved them both to her bed, she knew it when he lowered her down a bit and followed her into the mattress, now his kisses left her mouth and Amy felt what other females called “a guy going down on her”, he undid a button of her shirt and kissed the skin underneath it, some of those kisses had a fair amount of teeth, seemed like he had a forceful streak on him and it made her feel even more aroused.

Amy didn’t want him to have all the fun, so she pulled him up and removed his undershirt, leaving his chest bare for her own exploration, she had never felt a male this close and it was a fascinating sensation, his skin was smooth but it was much warmer than hers and it held a surprising muscle definition (no steroid gym addict body though) that was so different from her own soft body.

Sheldon was having a moment of his own, feeling her breasts and curves under all the clothing she usually wore, she was a woman, not one of those super slender model-types but a real one, with meat and bones and the smell, oh sweet Spock, the smell was driving him crazy!! He wanted to smell and eat her at the same time, he knew it was her pheromones having effect on him but it still didn’t silence his subconscious chanting “TAKE HER, TAKE HER”

They were lost in sensations neither one knew before this night, exploring with hands and mouth everywhere they could reach, her wetness and his hardness until they couldn’t take it any longer.

Sheldon had lost any kind of rational mind by this time and simply pinned her to the bed with all his weight, settling his body between her open legs (really, who knew Amy was so flexible?), his cock millimeters away from her warm wetness, in that moment he looked at her and her pupils were so wide there was only black in those eyes, nothing about her usual haughty look, only the look of a woman waiting for a man to have her.

He entered her very slowly because he was aware of his size and knew she was a virgin; her muscles were giving way inch by inch, settling like a velvet glove around his cock until he reached her hymen, one nod from her and he went through it, Amy had to grit her teeth at the initial pain until Sheldon bottomed inside of her and laid still.

Once that discomfort faded, Amy gave a sign for him to start moving, which he did, with shallow, slow thrusts, picking up the speed as she urged him to go faster and deeper.

He bit his lips at the exquisite sensation, her walls were hot and wet and grabbed his cock like a vise, he couldn’t help himself and had to start fucking her really hard, moving the headboard with each powerful thrust while she moaned and moved underside him, some primal part of his brain wanted her to scream his name in absolute pleasure.

At one moment, he took one of her legs and put it on his shoulder, penetrating her deeper and rubbing her clit with each inward thrust, he was practically growling at the feelings this act was causing on him, he never felt so masculine, so powerful as he did in that exact moment.

Now Amy understood why Penny chased this feeling time and time again, it was like reaching a great peak, like seeing everything clearly for the first moment in her life, she was grabbing on Sheldon so hard, she was sure he’ll have bruises in the morning (and by the way his fingers were digging on her, she will have them as well).

Finally, she couldn’t take it any longer and came with a harsh shout of his name, pulsating all over him and making Sheldon lose the few strands of self control he still had, he bit her shoulder savagely and came, spur after spurt of hot come deep inside of her, Amy was still feeling the aftershocks of her first orgasm when that bit made her come again, milking his cock for all it was worth.

For a moment, he stayed inside of her and his weight didn’t feel suffocating but comforting on top of her, then he pulled off and collapsed besides her.

Both breathed heavily and thought about what happened, it seemed like what everyone said was true and a man and a woman couldn’t be friends without having intercourse getting in the way.

Sheldon didn’t want to stop touching her, all he wanted was to do this again and again and again, maybe get a couple of children out of it along the way, but he was sure he was never letting her go, not after what she made him feel.

Amy felt so complete, so filled with contentment and for the first time ever, absolutely satisfied with something (or someone), she didn’t want to let him go.

He stood up and asked her about a shower, she agreed and was startled when he offered his hand, seemed like he wanted to do it with her.

Nothing happened in the shower, at least nothing more than some kissing and light fondling but neither one was ready to go at it again, not physiologically speaking but mentally, this has been a night of breaking down barriers and maybe one more will do more wrong than right.

They changed the sheets (sex was messy after all) and Sheldon texted Leonard telling him he was not going to sleep at home that night.

He spooned Amy and they both went to sleep, knowing they were lucky and their experiment was going to give them a life together.