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Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Penny/Sheldon
Disclaimer: I don't own TBBT, I really wish I would
Rating: NC-17
For the Paradox Kink Meme

Penny hadn't had sex in over a MONTH, which was a record since she lost her virginity, to make things worse, she was getting frustrated with the quick orgasms she got every time she touched herself.

One very hot day of summer she was masturbating to Depeche Mode's music and she felt the beginning of one of those small peaks she hated so much, so she decided to slow down things a bit but her body was refusing to obey her, even with her dildo out of her cunt, she was just about to orgasm.

"Think of something Penny"

*lightbulb* Of course!!

The boys were out in the comic store and their apartment was hers for the taking, it was one of the least sexy things that existed (She always preferred to have sex with Leonard in HER apartment, the Batman memorabilia turned her off).

She ran to their place and went directly to the most un-sexy place on Earth: Sheldon's bedroom.

Comic books, fluorescent fish, DNA models and his Star Trek sheets, just perfect.

Penny grabbed her iPod, plugged it into Sheldon's loudspeaker, settled into Sheldon's bed and opened her legs again to stuck her dildo deep inside of her.

What's that smell?

It was Sheldon's softener mixed with his own unique scent, something that she hadn't thought it was sexy till then, somehow it smelled of pure man and that scent was starting to drive her crazy.

Penny started to move the dildo faster and faster inside of her, imagining Sheldon fucking her into that same mattress, imagining Sheldon's blue eyes turning black with desire while he forcefully took her, imagining Sheldon's long fingers leaving bruises in her hips while his own used a brutal rhythm to reach their peaks...

It was too much, Penny screamed his name and shot her hips off the bed in one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever felt in her entire life, for a moment she almost blackened out with the sheer pleasure of it and her muscles trembled from head to toe, she couldn't remember when was the last time she had sex THAT good, if she ever had it that way.

The dildo was still inside of her moving with the aftershocks and Penny removed it with shaking hands, still catching her breath.

Well, that was...interesting

Penny's eyes snapped open with horror when she heard that voice, it was SHELDON!!

NO NO NO NO NO, it's just my imagination pulling tricks on me

She pinched herself and looked at the door again, Sheldon was still there.


Once again, her eyes were open but she wasn't prepared for what she was going to see next.

Sheldon had pulled down his zipper and was stroking the biggest erection Penny had ever seen while looking at her still naked body with lustful eyes

oh may, Penny, were you thinking of me when you were masturbating with your vibrating device?

Those words made Penny whimper and she reached out to touch his cock with her hands, Sheldon closed his eyes at the sensation and said Enough! I do not want to achieve orgasm outside of your vagina

Penny started to pull off his shirts and caress his upper torso while he divested himself of his pants, socks and shoes.

Once he was fully naked, he went to his nightstand and pulled out a condom, covering his full mast, pushing Penny into the bed and reaching out to put one of her legs over his shoulders

This would give me deeper penetration, more sensibility for you and it will give me more pleasure as well

Sheldon entered her in one smooth, hard thrust and Penny's still oversensitive pussy pulsated around him in welcoming pressure.

He started pistoning in and out of her, her moans got louder and louder and they started kissing passionately, mimicking with their tongues what their lower bodies were doing to each other.

Penny's fantasy had been great, but it couldn't have prepared her for the reality of having Sheldon fucking her into his mattress, he was so hot, big and hard and was hitting that really good spot over and over and over again...

Sheldon was driven by pure animal instinct at the moment and all he wanted was to possess the female currently under him, to fuck her until she screamed his name louder than in her fantasy world.

The fucking kept on for a while and Sheldon reached down to touch her clit with one of those beautiful long fingers, that set Penny off and she screamed and thrashed in an orgasm so powerful it was painful in its intensity, her whole body was seizing and the rush of blood to her brain was enough to make her faint.

He felt her clench and pulsate all over his cock and it was enough to send him off the edge as well, shooting load after load of semen, each of her aftershocks was milking him dry.

Pulling off carefully, Sheldon disposed of the condom and went back to bed, finding Penny still unconscious, looking completely and utterly debauched, that made him smile proudly because she came undone because of him, he was man enough to satisfy his woman completely.

He laid on the bed for a while, already getting hard again and waiting for her to wake up, wanting to try all the Kama Sutra positions he had been checking within the last year or so.

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