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Fandom: Spartacus
Pairing: Ilithyia/Glaber
Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to this series
Rating: R
For the Spartacus Kink Meme

Claudius Glaber was a man obsessed with power, he wanted to be a Caesar one day but he knew he had to pay his dues first, he hated going to barbaric lands, he hated to talk to these idiotic villagers about alliances and help, they were good only for fodder, for adding numbers to his ranks, kill, get killed and protect his legion.

In that search of power he came across a crossroads: he had to get married. It's not as if he was never interested in the opposite sex, quite the contrary, fucking slaves and whores was as natural for him as breathing though he was not as obsessed with it as many of his soldiers were, he just sought their company when he really had the need to, otherwise he preferred to focus on his military tasks.

By some divine intervention, he met Senator Albinius whom seemed to take a shinning to him, Claudius wasn't naive and was waiting for some kind of retribution for the help the Senator was giving him but what Albinius proposed was beyond his imagination: he wanted him to marry his daughter Ilithyia.

He imagined the daughter will be either a young girl or a spinster in desperate need for a husband.

Claudius has never been more wrong in his life.

He has never believed in love at first sight but he can say that with Ilithyia, it was lust at first sight, his eyes drank in the beauty, the glow and the elegance of his future bride and he got hard just thinking about having her as his own.

Needless to say, Claudius accepted the proposition, got a great amount of coin and also got that intoxicating beauty as his wife, add that to the political power of her father and he couldn't have been happier about the deal.

The wedding night came and he was throbbing with energy, he couldn't wait to claim her.

Ilithyia was a virgin, that much was sure and Claudius felt so proud when he finally made her a woman, she was so tight and responsive, so beautiful at the time of her peak, he had never felt as much pleasure as he did with her in that moment.

The problem was, that once Ilithyia stopped being a virgin, her sensuality exploded and now she wasn't just beautiful, she was beautiful and sensual and every man (and many women) were looking at her with hungry eyes.

Claudius was never a possesive lover, but with her everything was different, he hadn't fucked anyone else but her since they got married and hated the lusty looks she was getting everywhere she went.

One day the situation came to an ugly moment because a drunken rich asshole was trying to bed Ilithyia, she looked uncomfortable but her upbringing would have never allowed her to plainly tell the man to back off.

Claudius went at them, sword drawn and unfriendly expression, the man was drunk but not stupid and promptly got away from Ilithyia.

She was looking at him with a mix of desire and fear that Claudius found intoxicating, without caring for social protocol, he grabbed her hand and got her away from the party, he had to have her immediately.

They found an empty room, kissing madly and almost tearing each other's clothing.

Claudius went down on her, tasting that beautiful skin, biting those breasts, drinking on her woman's scent.

She was trying to get him to fuck her but he had other ideas.

Claudius started to bit her harshly, around her collarbones, leaving marks that started to bleed swiftly, he wasn't trying to hurt her but to show everyone who she belonged to.

He was in for another surprise, because Ilithyia was writhing under his mouth, she was asking for more and he was only happy to give it to her.

There was a very beautiful bruise in her neck, he kissed that spot over and over and over again, finding that her blood was just as sweet as the rest of her.

In that moment, Claudius took her, burying himself to the hilt and starting a fast pace, fucking her into the bed harshly, she used her nails to make him bleed as well, her own way of marking him (those would never pass as war wounds, one look at that and everyone would know that was the work of a woman in the throes of passion).

He lost all semblance of control and their coupling became frantic, Claudius forgot about everything else in the world, in that moment all that existed was them, their bodies covered with sweat and blood trying to draw out the most pleasure of each other.

Ilithyia started to clench around his cock, screaming his name for everyone to hear and he let himself go, spilling his seed deep inside of her, gripping her hips so hard he was sure she'll have marks later.

The pleasure was so blinding, each time with her was better and better, he had never felt anything like he did towards HIS woman with anyone else, she was addictive and knew it, if her sly smile was an indicator.

He pulled out of her, both catching their breath and she grabbed his hand, putting her head on his shoulder.

Once they were somewhat presentable, they got back to the party, all eyes were on them and he couldn't feel prouder, he knew his marks were visible on her.

Claudius Glaber was a man obsessed with power, but maybe, his biggest obsession was his wife and the way she made him feel.


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